Comprehensive solution for Digital Transformation

Leverage ESBeetle to support Hybrid Integration

Value Driven Approach to integration


Fortunately, more and more organizations are realizing that having a flexible approach to integration of systems, data and processes is an inevitable not only to be successful but rather not to stay too far behind.

Having on a far ends of a scale full stack on-premise SOA implementation and point-to-point tight-coupling single interfaces CIOs were most frequently torn between a proper IT solution and Time To Market expected on a business side.  While this matter was essential for big players it was disruptive for all the others causing lack of communication or creating integration knots.

Regardless of the size of your company, ESBeetle team can help you to follow some principles indispensable for a successful Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) approach implementation.

Pin down priorities for integration work-streams

Digitalization and Digital Transformation in particular are giving to your organization an opportunity to boost business processes leveraging “right-time” integration and proper data management between your business pillars like ERP, CRM or eDetailing Application. In the same time supporting areas of business differentiation and innovation can’t wait until final state of application architecture is achieved.

Having all the necessary data business needs captured in a single repository you can draw a holistic picture and confirm which information is essential for your mission critical systems and how to support new innovative work-streams.
Creating a proper pipeline of interfaces to be built based on priorities is an obvious next step. Based on cost related and possible timelines you can decide of how to address your needs.

Support your business with Bimodal approach

The only sure thing is change. It’s the same with integration and data management. To be innovative and make use of data gathered by your organization it’s indispensable to introduce a flexible process of changes implementation. In most of the cases it should follow changes within application architecture. As we know that it’s impossible to switch from the old to brand new at once without negative impact on your business, our decision was to deliver a proper toolset supporting process of changes itself.

We’ve proven that using ESBeetle our Clients were able to flexibly follow business decisions integrating new cloud solutions within single weeks from the idea to a successful launch. Introduction of our communication cloud enabled new functionalities decreasing cost of new deployments and minimizing risk. What is more our solution is designed not only to deliver holistic approach to integration domain but also coexist with all the mechanisms already introduced in your organization.

Choose business oriented partner

As this statement can be considered platitudinous at the first glance it should be still considered really important for any IT initiative. Successfully delivering multiple services and products we’ve learned that cost effectiveness is an important factor to achieve business goals though in the same time trust, will and operational flexibility are crucial.
We’re proud to be part of your team – your success is ours.

Three simple steps to move with ESBeetle


Based on our best practices and flexibility needed on our Clients side we’ve prepared dedicated approach to communicate your organization leveraging ESBeetle. Having in mind long-term partnership and continuous progress of cooperation within Integration and Data Experience domains our process is based on three recurring steps. Simplicity and transparency of this approach was proven in multiple digital transformation processes and multitude of production launches.


Create first connection


Evaluate your business needs


Re-calculate business case

Service pricing

We have prepared multiple fee plans to effectively support your integration needs. Please contact us for a dedicated offer when contracting multiple interfaces or long-term commitment.

Efficiency, flexibility and cost optimization

Having a proven record of multiple successfully implemented integrations based on ESBeetle we can confirm that:


of our interfaces is based on re-configuration


of tailored interfaces is on production within 2 weeks from inquiry


of interfaces is deployed to communicate new development

What is the best in ESBeetle?

Based on our active partners responses.

  • Technological flexibility 30% 30%
  • Communication and your team 40% 40%
  • Cost effectiveness 30% 30%

We know how to balance what we do.